Alycia Bacon

❤ Writer

❤ Photographer

❤ Martial Artist

❤ Christian

I’m a SouthWest woman living in  Upstate New York. I started this blog in 2011: I was 22 at the time and it was a way to get outside myself. Back then no one was listening and I choose to create an online journal as a place of refuge – to bare my soul, and I hoped my words would be inspiring to others. For a long time, I felt very stifled in my day to day life but that all changed in 2014 when I started practicing mixed martial arts. I left an unhealthy relationship, a job I hated and found my inner voice and fire. I’ve overcome depression and poor self-confidence. My passions include art, music, films, fashion, theatre, and travel. I provide quality written, audio, graphic content, social media marketing, live event coverage as well as creative consultation services. My skills include design, layout, portrait photography, and digital film production.


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