Lunch Coverage and Feelings

by God, it must be Monday.

Another eventful weekend over. Some how even the uneventful and can seem eventful. And am I the only one who’s life seems to unfold like a critically acclaimed television show?

A couple of weeks ago I made a vow to myself to save the drama for my fiction stories and keep my life at a stable medium. Even so, I still hear the narration in my mind:

<em>The alarm went off without hesitation. Jarring both myself and my unsuspecting boyfriend from our restful sleep. Nick made it silent again and i turned back over on my side. There was no illusion: night was over. But there were still a few more precious moments of staring into the deep black of my close eyelids to be had… Nick too laid awake and silent next to me for a moment before getting up for a shower. I took this as invitation to conquer the bed & take up as much of the bed as my body could possibly manage.

Its exhausting being in my head sometimes. Almost like a self sufficient universe that is exists parallel to this crazy mixed up world we live in. Or my reality. As I am sure all of you have your reality. And when we try to understand each others realities this called relating; even if we don’t understand but we respect each other’s realities this called co- existing; and if we manage to both relate and coexist we might just learn something from each other’s reality too and I think that is unity.

I think the original ravers had it right although I didn’t have to do massive amounts of X to come to that conclusion. Again i feel what ever you do in this life, do it well, praise God and be happy. I can barley figure out what I want half the time let alone to try and tell somebody else what they should be doing. But I try to be a good hearted person and if you can find meaning in my actions or words then 2 kudos for you. After all life isn’t so much about finding yourself, but creating yourself and realizing that no matter how far you come your always going to find yourself back at square one. No matter how much I continue to evolve, I’m still that little girl whose first instinct is to cry for mommy when things go wrong.

Stillllllllllll, I’ll have my life shaken not stirred please. Chaos ensues around me but I keep my eyes fixated on the stars.