Here’s to the new year!

Hello World!

I am in many ways slacking on my blogging this year. Along with my many resolutions that I should have made on the New Year. ( including harassing Obama over the healthcare crisis…) I was suppose to ring the new year in blogging. Well its almost 1 month later and I am just getting around to it, better late than never right?

The thing is I have a very strong voice and many, many opinions on the way life is and how the world should be…yada yada yada.
Something that has really been on my heart lately though is self love. I feel like this is a topic that touches many young people today, although particularly women. When did we become such a scantily clad and vulgar culture? Why has the photo-shopped image become so much more popular than the real deal. I’d really like to know why we’re so caught up in the idea of perfection that we’re chasing after an image that very few of us can actually achieve.

Right up there with these questions is the role models people are idolizing now days. The infamous Kim K and other celebs that do everything from mock the sanctity of marriage to flaunt there wealth while many Americans are starving, living paycheck to paycheck, are closer to complete destitution than retirement. There is definitely a crisis in the country and I for one will no longer stand for it! I am dedicating my blog to everything positive, from natural tips on beauty care ( cheap home remedies!), to real women who make a difference.

This blog is also dedicated to my personal self love struggle as I identify my own weakness and insecurities as well as strengths and attractions. I for one a female who grew up and never stopped believing that I am a princess.

Love Love Love ❤ more to follow. Have a blessed day!