I will easily eat you if you call me fat


It’s a lovely day in upstate NY!  Many projects in the works currently in the works: Youtube channel, Photography portfolio, and t-shirts! (!!!)

My bloggyblog is looking a little plain I think sooooo photos to come.

so…anyone noticing the magazine models are looking kinda eerily “perfect” lately?
And I suppose its nothing new that runway models are looking disgustingly skinny.
Recently my BFF went on a intense high cardio, low fat, all veggies and water diet to drop 10 lbs. Of course Marse is successful in anything she puts her mind too. I on the other gained 1 1/2 dress sizes over the course of February. (Winning!) Imagine my surprise after “Dress down month” when none of my work pants fit.

Nowadays, when this kind of thing occurs, all I can do is take a step back and laugh. Weight comes and goes and I’ve never been a tiny girl. I may have bitched and moaned a little bit but mostly I liked the thought of an excuse to buy new clothes… (Like I needed one!)

After 22 years, I’ve finally reached the point where I can say I’m comfortable in my own skin. Sure when I walk too close to the china cabinet in the kitchen I make the glass rattle a little bit, but it’s come to actually be one of my favorite sounds! And my derrière has the bounce back effect, or as Marse likes to say “it’s an ass that slaps back.”

Furthermore, I’m truly blessed to have such a great boyfriend that, chunky or skinny, encourages me to be happy (and would rather have me buy whole milk).  I can’t follow a diet to a T because if my coworker brings cupcakes I’ll be damned if I don’t try one, or two (because there’s strawberry and chocolate!) I’ve never been one to color inside the lines anyway. 

When it comes to weight-loss I don’t have a goal: I really just want to be healthy. This is a goal in itself. So I guess my healthy diet mission statement: To eat well and make better choices ( like limiting myself to one cupcake next time 😛 ) I’m seeking out whole wheat over white, carrots over chips, no fat cream cheese (serious sad face), and abundance of fruit and veggies, granola, and CHEESE.

Somewhere in this mix there needs to be the occasional chocolate and ice cream.

In the meantime, I am buying clothes that fit and saving to get them all tailored.  Keep It Classy rule # unknown… Always buy clothing that fits CURRENTLY, and forgo buying pieces you hope will fit some day. It is much easier to have an item taken in (and less expensive) than to have an item let out. Tailoring is a great way to make something inexpensive look expensive and make everything look VAVAVROOM on you!


 I will continue to enjoy my curves and un-photo-shopped figure.
On the menu today, a slice of whole wheat bread, baked chicken with a ginger sauce, fresh green beans and light cream cheese, and orange slices.  My my why, aren’t we fancy 😉 Always! Happy Munching!!!