on the road again!

Hello world! I am overdue for a post!!! Things have been a little crazy in my neck of the woods. My contract ended with my (now) previous job and I am once again on the grind for a new position. Onwards and upwards I always say! I hit some setbacks education-wise, so its back to the drawing board but I’m not discouraged.

So interview today at a company I really liked! It is a nice relaxed atmosphere. At tomorrow I kick off (officially that is) my career as a freelance writer, photographer and videographer. I’ll be working with ladies professional tackle football team, Nitro, and I am really excited!

In the meantime I’ll be experimenting with some at home beauty care this weekend. So be on the lookout for photos and or video! It can be so expensive to keep up with all creams and lotions out there, and I just can’t imagine they’d better for your skin then all natural God grown ingredients. We’ll see!

Currently I am in transition, in all sorts of ways, but physically as I am writing to you from la autobus as I like to say (aka the cdta public transportation system). I just left my lovely friend and I am on the way home to prepare for a banquet to save the lives of babies. My friend works at a make up counter in Colonie Center and she did a make over on me just for the occasion! So to all you upstate New Yorkers, pop on over to the Estee Lauder counter at Boscovs…You won’t be disappointed! Until next time mes cheres, bon voyage!