painting project 1

My first attempt at painting since I was an adolescent.

With the help of a dear friend I obtained all the supplies under $30 dollars…including canvas which was about 4 dollars a piece.


Don’t forget to breathe

New uncharted territory as I adventure to Troy, NY tonight. I’ll be stayin at friends house and working a gig tomorrow at RPi- Rensellear Polytechnical Institute.

Earlier this week I said I’d be updating my progress on meditation and reference the book “5 good minutes.” I’m slacking and for that I apologize cause there is no excuse. I did however crack the book open today and start the breathing exercises. I will it admit it was very soothing. All you have to do is get into a comfortable position- sitting, standing or laying, and focus on your breath. Pick a center like your abdomen or your nose where you can actually hear your breath and pay close attention. This practice helps you remain in the present moment. This is step one of your 5 minutes. I will admit I only did it for 4 minutes… It can be hard to sit still sometimes! But then again that’s the whole point, to take time and just…, breathe.

Try it out!

Bon voyage!

holes in my hose…

&& coffee all over the bathroom floor.


Incentive, as described by google:


  1. A thing that motivates or encourages one to do something:  “incentive to conserve”.
  2. A payment or concession to stimulate greater output or investment:  “tax incentives for investing”.

I find it interesting nowadays the incentives coporations give their employees, particularly in the temporary and temp to hire world. Yes, it is its own world. And if you ever worked as a contract employee, it’s almost even a stigma. It’s kind of like a race that you and maybe 15-20 other people are running and at the end of this contest is a prize, a full time “permenant” job. And during this race the fans shout insults at you, the race holders beat you with sticks and micromanage the use of your time. By the time you even get to the finish line you begin to wonder if you should of ever even competited at all.

still, its a job right? which is im sure the thing most of us tell ourselves to sleep at night. since when did coporations in america become such an “us” and them thing?

anyways, rant over. 5 min peace session coming soon. stay tuneee.

and the show goes on…

So a new phase begins today as I start my new job. Mixed feelings as it seems the vacation is over. Although I am excited to hit the ground running once again and with a raise too! Never settle for less than your worth!

Tomorrow I begin a new meditation routine and I will be blogging its progress. I’ll be following the book “5 Good Minutes” by Jeffrey Brantley, MD and Wendy Millstone. It is 100 morning practices for serenity and inner peace.

So it is a week full of change including a new work out regiment with my favorite ladies Marse and Taylor. Although in the midst of everything I am also reminded that not that much is different from this time last year, in fact a lot of the important details are well intact. It is funny that we can come so far in a year but distance-wise be still so close to where we started, evolved and no worse for the wear.

So here’s to new beginnings, true love and friendship. I am feeling very blessed today.

Yours truly


somethings gotta give

Today’s entry takes place at barns and noble. No matter where I am, I always feel right at home in the book store. Especially when they provide big comfy couches 😉 Someday I dream of own a home with a big gorgeous library, cozy red arm chairs and a fireplace. Maybe that’s very Hugh Hefner of me, but I’ve always been a book worm and a class act. As a child I always choose reading and writing to playing with the other boys and girls. Even nowadays I’m that socially awkward girl at heart.

So todays adventure… Job interview at Shooting Stars. It is a portrait studio located inside a baby store. So if I got the job I’d be “shooting” babies on daily (hardy har har 😉 The interview went well but who know something could encouraging and discouraging at the same time. I cannot really elaborate at this present moment. All I can say is, we will see. Moving forward from my previous assignment, I really want to work on my terms. Part-time jobs like 2 or 3, flexible scheduling and fun positive work environments. Eventually I want to start doing marketing gigs all over the eastern coast and in the city. To some extent I need a car before I can really do that, but what better way to travel and make bank at the same time? A lot of these events pay 16 dollars an hour. I know everything is going to work out but I am just growing frustrated. This is the hard part about transition, the waiting period. In the meantime I guess I’ll continue to be a free agent roaming around the capital district.

However my wanderlust is running out.

Memory Lane

Ageless Beauty by Stars

Sooo I had some extra time to kill before meeting up with boyfriend tonight (mmm Grogg Shope goodness!)

Decided to take a trip down memory music lane. When I was a sophomore in high school I worked at The Icing by Claire’s at Paradise Valley mall and they used to play alternative music videos. One of my favorite songs was Ageless Beauty by Stars. I haven’t heard anything else by them so far, but I just typed their name into google and low and behold they have more songs! So I’ll be listening and elaborating my thoughts on that…in the meantime here is the acoustic version, which I myself just heard for the first time right now. I don’t know what it is about acoustic but it just makes songs more epic/dramatic/beautiful.

tangled up in blue

Another interesting day in the life of vagabond Alycia J. Bacon.
Started the day with a morning cup of Department of Social Services. (Rock bottom anybody? Bueller?) Always a lovely way to start the day-, she wrote sarcastically… What I do know is that it took some encoruagement ( and a little more than just “encouragement”) to get me there. Not to mention I’ll pretty much give in to whatever it is you want me to do, if you offer me a free ride. Haha. Anyways, I’m not exactly sure what is more uncomfortable…being at the DSS or being there an hour and a half early. Either way I did what I needed to do and hopefully I will have insurance and a job ( which will most likely disqualify me for insurance) soon.

Today I am writing to you from the Troy Public Library. A true gem! Historic buliding, 4 stories at least and a very, very nice staff (*cough* schenectady *cough*) I will be spending my nonemployed, not currently at/or on the way to an interview or otherwise busy days here from now on. Today I picked up a copy of “The Compelete Book of grant writing” by Nancy Burke and E. Gabriel Works. It is a goal of mine to become a grant writer, amoung other things. And i do believe that someday I will have quite the been there done that repitore 😉

I am still slacking on photos! and I am feeling as if my bloggy blog is looking pretty pasty. I hope my writing is colorful enough for you though and that you bare with me. Just know that this is just as much in transition as I am…if not even more so.

However I did find some great find for all you Upstate New Yorkers! I am constantly on the look out for fun and interesting things to do. Today I discovered the Troy Art Center. Located at 265 River Street, Troy, NY 12180. The are the playground for the artist, and you can study just about anything from furniture making to photography,  beading to freelance writing for a small fee. That will definitly something I try to check out soon, I’ll make sure I take pictures this time as I am sure the building will be just as amazing.

…More info to come on my discoveries. I am need of a beer and time spent organizing my thoughts.

Education-wise I am what feels like no closer to any decision come fall. Although I must be at least partially closer. so far I’ve crossed of Schenectady County Community College, Hudson Valley Community College, and The News School of Radion and Television.

Until we meet again Mes cheres,