holes in my hose…

&& coffee all over the bathroom floor.


Incentive, as described by google:


  1. A thing that motivates or encourages one to do something:  “incentive to conserve”.
  2. A payment or concession to stimulate greater output or investment:  “tax incentives for investing”.

I find it interesting nowadays the incentives coporations give their employees, particularly in the temporary and temp to hire world. Yes, it is its own world. And if you ever worked as a contract employee, it’s almost even a stigma. It’s kind of like a race that you and maybe 15-20 other people are running and at the end of this contest is a prize, a full time “permenant” job. And during this race the fans shout insults at you, the race holders beat you with sticks and micromanage the use of your time. By the time you even get to the finish line you begin to wonder if you should of ever even competited at all.

still, its a job right? which is im sure the thing most of us tell ourselves to sleep at night. since when did coporations in america become such an “us” and them thing?

anyways, rant over. 5 min peace session coming soon. stay tuneee.


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