“Behind the makeup and behind the smile I am just a girl wishing for the world”

–Marilyn Monroe, a personal favorite as is Caryli Bybel.

Lately I love Caryli Bybel’s makeup tutorials.

and she has so many, for every type of style! From natural makeup to Megan Fox.

Here is one of my favorites, Marylin Monroe style.

Monroe is such an iconic American star, whose pressance is still all over pop culture today. I particularly admire Monre’s style for its timeless classic chic.

Trends come and go, but style is for ever.

Visit http://www.carlibybel.com/ for more makeup and hair tips.


which to bury? us or the hatchet?

today’s entry comes to you from Starbucks at Crossgates mall. I traveled all the way out here to the Sprint Tech store. Just in case your considering ever signing a contract with Sprint Cellular service, DON’T! They are hands down the worst experience I have ever had with a cell phone company (  and I’ve been around the wireless phone block, in my short but meaningful existence I have had T-Mobile, At&T, Verizon, and Virgin mobile.)

Whatever. I’ll just chalk it up to my luck lately. Adventureing takes on a whole new meaning when you don’t even know the time ( or sometimes quite where you are) but life moves on

&& so do I

Onward and Upward.

smile politely and nod

Can someone please tell me why everyone is so damn concerned about what I’m doing? Sure I don’t exactly have a master plan right now but I can kind of tired of everyone’s “solutions” to my life’s problems. 

In regards to being unemployed, Someone had the audacity to say to me yesterday “Use it or lose it”…so what your saying is if I don’t hurry up and get a job soon I just may never qualify for a job again?

I am looking for a job, I am trying to figure my shit out, and as long as I make my ends met without having to come to you for a loan// I don’t see how it is your problem.


But then again other people ALWAYS seem to know “best for you” and vice versa.


I remember…

When the warmest day of the year for me was in the triple digits. Its only 91 degrees outside but it is so humid i feel like i’d trade it for 115 degree ( as long as I wasn’t standing outside in it).

[Insert Joke Here] …It was so hot today, that lawyers actually had they’re hands in their own pockets! *badumbom*

OK so the heat is getting to me, the fan is not helping, and is it me or does the hotness put everyone a little bit more on edge.

So the theme for me this week is all about caring how other people think of me. I feel as if my horoscope kicked off this session a few weeks ago when it stated stop trying to be everything to everybody. Still its really touched a few nerves this week as certain elements boiled to the service. One thing i’ll never understand is why a woman who stands up for herself is a bitch, yet no one looks at the doormat with any more reverence- and there’s no middle ground. And I realized yesterday that it was time for me to grow up a little and stop running from other people because they are always going to be around anyways. And that is just a Matter O’ Fact. Today I realized that perhaps not caring what other people starts right within my own household. The people you love, well, you are always going to care what they think but the people who *really* love you are always going to think highly of you anyways. It should never get to the point where it is going to bring you down, or you should never let it bring you down. 

Eleanor Eisenhower was a very smart woman who said, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” At the end of the day, no else can didactic how we choose to feel about ourselves. The truth is someone out there may not find you attractive, your always going to be a little bit chunkier than someone else, and the guy that comes up with a more efficient way to space travel is certainly smarter and more educated than me. Hell, and while we’re at it lets just throw in richer too. Or at least I hope he is if he or she has mastered rocket science. Happiness must come from a place that no one has the power to rob you of. I’m still working on what fills that void.

My life is a work in progress ❤ (thank God!)


The Artist


The Artist is a film released in 2011, written and directed by Michel Hazanavicius.  I had the pleasure of viewing this feature film at the lavish and historical Proctors Theatre on the main stage. The movie opens to a silent film starred by the popular actor George Valentin played by Jean Dujardin. George is very reminiscent of Gene Kelley in Singing in the Rain. He is very charming and an entertainer that truly enjoys his work. Set in the 1920s, George is top of his game until the new invention of sound in pictures which ushers in the new era of “talkies”. A lot of actors and actresses became obsolete during this transition. Once in demand, George comes to find himself out of work and resources and stepping aside for newcomers like Peppy Miler (Berenice Bejo). Bejo shines as Peppy Miller. She gives a brilliant charismatic performs that almost makes you forget that you can’t hear a word she is saying. Peppy was discovered in an accidental collision with George after the opening of one of his films. The two have instant chemistry and George plays an instrumental role in Peppy’s future success.

At a 1 hour and 40 minutes, the movie feels a little bit longer than it actually is.  This isn’t a movie that will have you at the edge of your seat but you do become quite attached to the story’s main character, George. You really feel for him during this turbulent time of “talkies”, failed relationships and endeavors, and the Great Depression. The movie features stunning cinematography and has a true ambiance that only black and white pictures can provide.  The whole movie is silent up until the very end, quite a cinematic experiment but it works. The use of sound becomes shocking when it is used. The Artist is a true masterpiece of talent, although not something I would watch repeatedly, it does give me a great appreciated for an art form now lost and a great cast that seems to speak without words.