Following the arrest of 35 people in New York City and it’s surrounding counties, Governor Andrew Cuomo released a statement: “This combined effort between state government and local law enforcement agencies is proof that New York State is aggressively rooting out unemployment insurance fraud at every turn. When individuals commit unemployment insurance fraud all New Yorkers pay for it. They are not only cheating the system, they are stealing directly from the taxpayers. These practices will not be tolerated. The [“new”] New York is dedicated to upholding a system of utmost fairness and ensuring that those who flout the law are brought to justice.”

Really- “a system of utmost fairness”? To quote alternative rock band Modest Mouse and their song The View “if it takes shit to make bliss then I feel pretty blissfully.”

Still, I for one would like to congratulate Gov. Cuomo and his team of district attorneys, state police, and Department of Labor officials. And if I had the pleasure of meeting with Cuomo face-to-face, I would even extend an over exaggerated pat on the back -at the cue of on looking photographers and maybe some perfectly cued music no less, but only because that is what I believe he is looking for.

According to the governor, 51.2 million dollars has been recovered from fraudulent unemployment cases via the TOP program, aka Treasury Offset Program. TOP is a special union between federal and state governments that allows the state to intercept federal tax returns for delinquent funds.

I am in no way condoning insurance fraud. Only in math do two negatives make a positive. I just can’t help but feel like there is a double standard going on here. The proverbial “they” parades around like they’ve done such a great deed in the name of taxpayers and businesses, emphasis on the businesses. But where did this funding get reallocated to?

Was it redirected into the school system? Did it go to provide new textbooks, better teachers or new curriculum for failing schools in poorer and undereducated areas? Will it go to financial aide for college students or help pave the way to low cost secondary education?

While the end doesn’t justify the means, I can honestly understand why these people took the risk of being caught with their hand in the cookie jar. Is this not an example set by our very own congressman, Paul Tonko. In 2010, YNN reported that Congressman Tonko earns 64,000 dollars in retirement funds from NYS retirement in addition to his $174,000 a year he receives as a U.S. congressman. In response to the controversy Congressman Tonko defended himself by saying, “People who have qualified by their years of service are given an opportunity for that pension.”

So Congressmen can justify “double dipping” but can’t bring themselves to raise the minimum wage, despite the fact that it is nearly impossible to live anywhere, albeit New York City, on $7.75 an hour, before taxes that is. They call themselves victors for the tax payers but I seem to remember some kind of payroll tax initiative that was floating around out there last year which is exactly what the struggle & strained working class needs are additional taxes.

So, Governor Cuomo, if you want to talk about fair, lets talk about limiting the contribution amounts that a candidate can accept, particularly in the race to be CEO of America Inc. In fact, I’m just going to take it there and say: “Off we’re their heads.” That sounds fair to me.


Batman and Ted @ Hollywood

A short review of 2 summer flicks: Batman & Ted.


I just returned home from the Drive-in theatre ( side note, there is currently less than 300 drive in theaters left in the USA). The Hollywood drive-in located in Averill Park, NY is a great experience. It is one of the smaller drive in theatres Ive been to. It only has one screen and a concession stand that closes after the first movie showing. Still it provides the true drive in experience. Between the movies they played a little dancing snack short that was super cute and very vintage. And of course the biggest plus of all, $16 dollars for 2 movies for 2 people!

So me and Boyfriend ❤ saw Batman followed by Ted. Batman was AWESOME! Boyfriend didn’t enjoy it as much (but he also didn’t see the previous movies. I never saw ‘Batman begins’ because I was going through an ANTI-Katie Holmes thing during the height of her love affair with Tom Cruise- around the same time of the epic Oprah couch jumping era). I do not believe this a movie that you had to see the previous ones in order to enjoy, although if your big into action and not so much dialogue and what not you may be disappointed. It is not the fastest moving movie. And it does elaborate on previous story lines, like Harvey Dent. Overall I think it was very well made and should they choose to have it be the final picture, very well wrapped up. Anne Hawthaway shines as Catwoman ( further escalting my miniature lesbian crush). Director Christopher Nolan takes Batman in a serious direction with Catwoman. Her getup is true to Cat-burglar style: skin tight and sexy but no bells and whistles. There is no tail and you only see ears on Catwoman in one scene. Also, I just love how Nolan has characters refer to batman as “the batman”–i don’t know, maybe it is just me. The movie does run a little long but doesn’t run dry. The ending really delivers. Joseph Gordon Levitt is another amazing addition to the cast. A personal favorite actor of mine. Batman is certainly a movie to see in theaters and buy after its DVD release. Overall I felt that Batman was a really good movie and I really thought it was cool that they touched upon some of current issues of today ( ie: the 1% of wealthy vs. 99% of us).

…On the other hand we have Ted. Ted is an occasional funny movie. Perhaps it will appeal more to the pothead/stoner crowd. I did’t dislike Ted however I am happy I did’t shovel out 10 bucks do go see this in a regular theatre. Ted @ 106 mins, feels like it takes way too long to get to where you know it was going. It is predictable and somewhere losses its steam. A lot of jokes would have been funny if the movie say came out before ‘Family Guy’ and other similar styled comedy movies, but the movie gets to a point where the movie becomes laugh on the inside funny. Mila Kunis is adorable and Mark Walhberg pulls of a Boston accent awesomely.  The relationship between Kunis and Walhberg is interesting. Particularly his inability to grow up and her resignation to compromise. They managed to get the 20something relationship problems down to a t ( although Walhberg is actually 30s0mething). It is also packed with cameos from the likely to the unlikely, including Norah Jones. Overall, don’t spend a lot of money seeing this movie. It can wait til it comes on TV.



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planes trains and automobiles

2.5 episodes down from the end of my ‘Ugly Betty’ adventure. Some day I am going to write an Ugly Betty Vs. Mad Men expose. But today isn’t that day. I LOVE Ugly B. However I am SO SO Soooo happy I stopped watching it when I was younger cause I don’t think I would of really appreciated the same way I do now( and I would of become obnoxiously obsessed like i did with Veronica Mars and Harry Potter), being about Betty’s age: I feel like I can really identify what she is going through.  Everything from being a recovering dorkus/brace-face to being 20something trying to figure out your place in the world.  //resisting the urge to say how hard it is out there for a pimp. Something my new friend said to me this weekend: she congratulated me on following my dreams. I thought it was kind of silly at first. i’m unemployed, i can’t find a job, and to pass the time && get out of the house && get some kick ass experience I intern. Yet it all feels so right and I feel so blessed. I am so excited for what the future may hold and it’s awesome to feel that again!

i know i should just let loose and enjoy the ride but i get so tense sometimes like what is xyz going to mean for my life. It’s impossible to know the future but I just want to know so bad! Especially when it comes to knowing how my boyfriend will fit into the bigger picture. gahhh ive been wondering that for two years almost, although in a less crazy psycho way than before. I just really love him and i just really want the relationship to lead to marriage. I know I just have to trust God with the rest but it’s just so damn hard. I feel like that’s an editorial right there: lately I have been hearing a lot of “it’s so hard” && and its always like “Duh”  what is worth it usually is, and its the journey.


rambling over //making dinner time

oh & just one more thing. Claire Meade has my vote for best TV mom. she is so awesome.

A new way to worship

Greetings from the Sanctuary for Independent Media!

Today the name of the game is “Art and Nutrition”

My tasks included picking up trash outside the building, which was hot and sweaty. I will admit it wasn’t my choice of things to do, but I couldn’t help but think to myself that this was not only for the good of the sanctuary and their upcoming video shoot but also for Christ and the good of the earth. Picking up trash can be some what of a thankless activity but it something that we should be doing everyday anyways. We have such a beautiful planet and we’ve destroyed it with our garbage and waste. 

Someone said something today that I found very moving and it was that nutrition is more than what we eat it is also community and what we do for our soul: even with the best ingredients if we neglect our innerself we will still have no peace and harmony.

That is so true and most certainly something that I have been experiencing in my own life lately. Just the past week I got the opportunity to hang out with someone that I had previously reservations with getting to know only to come to find out how awesome of a person they really were and that my reservations were really a reflection of stuff I am going through personally. && Last night I hung out with two of my favorite ladies and watch a great movie on love, relationships and God. It is important in the technology age to keep up our personal connections with our friends and loved ones. No matter how good the HD and 3D and whatever get, it will never replace being with someone one on one.

The Sanctuary will be making filming && editing educational videos which you will be able to find up on their website.

Check them out and all their events at

more to come 🙂                      

Love, Love, Love

Love, Love, Love

Quite sparking events lately. Internships began this week. Quite excited for the Legislative Gazette. Totally stoked to be a reporter!

Also watched the Fireproof this evening with Kirk Cameron. Very inspiring, so much so I have decided to begin my own “Love Dare”- it is a 40 day challenge. It is for marriages but I will trying it with my boyfriend ❤


So much begins this week!



even if it kills me

It feels like a late night trying to do 3 write ups for InYourSpeakers. I am up for a music reporter position –which could turn into my first paying writing gig! (!!!) 

So I have 36 hours less maybe 5 or so. 

Sometimes writing feels like pulling teeth. It is humid, and I have been bored lacking direction all day til this opportunity came around yet I am still feeling grumpy and am giving boyfriend attitude. 

I am hopeful though that this will turn into something great. After all this is the beginning of my freelance writing career and this could be just the break I was looking for to break into print. If I am really lucky this could even turn into free concerts and chilling back stage with the bands 😉 Or maybe even some kind of Pitchfork media job.


But first back to work,

no more ifs ands or buts!


wish me luck ❤