Siren Song

siren song

i know why the caged bird sings
longing to spread it’s angel wings
bittersweet beautiful sorrow
hope reflected dawn of tomorrow
i know why the caged girl sings…
she has yet to sprout her wings
hymn weaved of stars and dreams
i will always be happy
never shall my smile fade
i breath in with hope
and out with faith
like a flower,
i twist and bend toward the sun.

Listen to me!

songs on my mind tonight

Rioux “Find a reason”

“…the sun came up and i didn’t even know my name

she was gone, no footsteps on the wall but her long blonde hair

i walked the streets and almost to try to find her

empty cars on the streets with their eyes so bare…”

“Nowadays hot honey rag” ¬†from the motion picture Chicago

“…Ok you babes off jazz,

let’s kick up the pace let’s make the parties longer let’s make skirts shorter,

let’s all go to hell in a fast car and keep it hott.”

“Come On” from the motion picture soundtrack Josie and the Pussycats

“So I’m telling you boyfriend,

bet you never met a girl like me before.

Not gonna wait a long time– better make up your mind.

Are you in?

Are you out?”

Feelin a little badass tonight ūüėČ

No matter what, Keep Writing!!!!

Footloose in the workplace again. Back to my [un]natural habitat.
It is easy to lose focus on what matters to the self when one gets wrapped up in the daily grind. I have returned to the 9-5 ( actually 8-5) and in the excitement of taking on a new adventure I have slacked on my writing. 

It’s no excuse. The slacking began before the position did. Creatively I’ve been running kind of dry. Inspired, yes…driven, no. And full of¬†excuses.¬†

But I am back! And ready to hit the ground running!!! So let me raise my wine glass as I tune into the Presidential Debate 2012 and say *cheers*, Excited to see what comes of this…and you will be hearing my thoughts soon.