oh so happy =]

so its been a long time since I’ve really written. i thought id take a moment to catch up. ive had some pretty breakthrough moments lately. it feels good to grow up. im about to be 24 in less than a month. While I hope my looks never fade, age brings a wisdom and understanding that seems to calm my restless spirit. i have so much brain activity going on.

so i moved out to new york almost 3 years ago to date. i feel like i’ve almost lived out here forever. and i have to laugh when i think about because i really just bounced on my hometown and like never came back. Well, I’ve been back once but not for a long time. Arizona is where I’m from and it’s part of who I am but it’s not who I definitely not my home anymore.

its taken awhile to really adjust to that, partial because i was out here just scrapping. Slept on couches, floors, in a sub-temperature room in a basement with no heat, in a creepy Victorian apartment that was either freezing or needed to have every single window open cause it was too hot to breath.

and to top it all off I moved to Schenectady. A crazy-ass, backwards, sleepy little town just outside of Albany. Albany is the New York state capitol, if you didn’t know. I can’t remember if I knew that before I moved here. But I love it here. I’ve been very well taken care of and extremely blessed.

I met the two loves of life about 6 months after moving here while working at a gas station/convenience store/ice cream shop.

and the rest is to be continued…