The One Percent

Last night before bed I decided to watch The One Percent  a documentary by filmmaker and heir to the Johnson and Johnson fortune. It was a documentary depicting the ever enlarging gap between the wealthiest 1 percent, who together control the majority of the money, and the rest of us 99%

In the documentary Jamie is able to speak candidly with some of the wealthiest and influential people in the country/world, including his father James Johnson and even more notably Milton Friedman, a noble peace prize winning economist. Friedman is popular for his theories that private business should have more power than national government. I think the best part of the movie was when he kicked Jamie Johnson out of his office and took out his hearing plugs after Jamie suggested a more progressive tax. According to Friedman, socialism.

I agree with the idea of a more progressive tax system. I think it would be a way to solve our nations debt. 10 percent flat tax across the board. No income tax, no IRS, no itemizing receipts, just pay your 10 percent tax and that’s that.

The movie is worth checking out but I think it stops short of suggesting change. The end features James Johnson who has previously been reluctant to speak on camera stating that he doesn’t know what the solution is.

I also think the movie could have done a bit better when speaking to the lower class. They should a lot of black people in urban areas which I think is just one side of the picture. I think he did this to emphasize the vast differences in wealth.  But you don’t need to go to the poorest ghetto to see difference. There is a struggling middle class of people of all races, people are working – some who are educated and maybe even over educated but barely making ends meet. I would have liked to seen this also included in the film.

We’ve talked a lot about the 1 percent, but what can we actually do to effectively create real change. The occupy movement, while lacking focus and direction, at least included people willing to give up their time and comfort but whats next? We as a whole out number then! But we are selves are too divided by race, and class, and we are to focused on distractions.

I think this topic is something we should all keep really fresh on our minds.

When I think progression I think, flat tax, transportation, education.



Check out this article for a bit more on Friedman




Viva La Vie Boheme

Hello again world.

Long time no correspondence.

It seems everytime I get a full time desk job I tend to drop off the face of the interweb planet.

I think its because desk jobs ultimatley make me really sad. Its a sick cycle. I get in, I get ambitious, then I get bored, I question the meaning of existence, I get frustrated, I stop caring, temporary assignment ends. I always feel full of the joie da vivre but I have yet to work somewhere that has been able to reconginze, support, cultivate, and reward my talent.

And so here I am again, unemployed artist. Student. Free spirt.

Fresh from my two week vacation to Florida, which like the year previously, could not have come at a better time.

I started school this semester at Hudson Valley Community College and I am really exited. I am studying fine art.  And I am hopeful to start an internship with the should be infamous Art Center of Troy,NY.

In the mean time all my personal goals are still a work in progress: business cards, website, freelance jobs. It would also be super nice if I could get a steady stream of followers on here -maybe be a successful blogger. ( And not feel like I am talking to just myself.) I realize that also requires more constent updates from moi. Its not New Years but I have some resolutions. I am determined to be

1) A straight A student

2) A less jealous, more loving and attentive girlfriend


And I have some tricks up my sleeve. One of which includes NYC Fashion week. If I’m a good girl, and tend to everything i need to do, and work really hard, I may just earn passage to the exclusive event. So here’s to that.