he was damn right

got up early this morning for a photo shoot with the one of out 2 people i know from home

(im including esha as the second person even though she’s from here, i met her in phoenix)

I ran into my friend Tiffany last year in Troy City Traffic Court. It was definitely an “oh shit” moment. Well I posted a few weeks ago on facebook saying i was in search of a photography and she replied. i was surprised at how the pictures turned out. as a Fatty In Reform the idea of pictures can be terrifying but they turned out really really good both a testament to Tiffany’s skills and my hardwork in mma classes.

I’ve decided to take my dojos name out of my “about me” section on my crowdfunding site. Since I haven’t asked them to sponsor me I shouldn’t be throwing their name around I guess. My official plan right now is to walk around troy/albany/colonie and job hunt as i sponsor hunt. might as well kill two birds at once if i can right. i have one promising lead, an open interview next tuesday. the job is in schenectady and would be difficult to get to however the hours are perfect. it has a higher base pay then my previous job and still an option for commission and what not. i miss my job. i really enjoyed working in the jewelry industry but i trust that i made the right choice. i did a tarot card reading yesterday and i got the solitaire (immediate past), reversed adversity ( present), the destroyer ( immediate future). I’m getting really good at using my cards. This was confirmed with my friend Cort who said the reading I gave her was spot on. i really like that the “destroyer” is in my future because im ready to knock down buildings, beat up people, and pillage a town. that card means ‘breakthrough’

and it would be about damn time.

IMG_2282 - Edited IMG_2295 - Edited IMG_2300 - Edited IMG_2302 - Edited IMG_2303 - Edited

when i was born i was only 6 lbs 8 oz and i was two weeks early,
my doctor looked at my hands and feet and said
“she’s going to be a big girl”


To make matters worse I totally called my boss a c**t and quit my job today

Hooray for setbacks

Looks like im back to pounding the pavement “hi my names alycia im looking for sponsorship for the miss ny pageant and a job” and a husband lol

i forgot the second half of my metaphor in my last post

after the downpour, the clouds disappear,

and just as quickly as it appeared the storm passes…

leaving little to no indication that a incident occurred.

i never thought i could miss my home state so much but it such a part of me

I don’t think I’ll ever really adapt to the cold.

today I am at Whole Foods writing. Worked a short shift this morning and I have my mma classes tonight. my free time has officially become work on pageant stuff time. (Stirrrrrr)Friday is my last day off of the week and I am dedicated the whole day to getting sponsorship. My goal is to get 15 business to donate $100 AND get 1 car dealership to donate a car. Hahaha that last one seems like a stretch but all they can do is say ‘No’ right? If they say yes them i’m ‘whippin’ again

monsoon season

monsoon season is one of my favorite times of the year in arizona

clouds and thunderstorms roll in and it gets dark and stormy

it can happen just out of no where, a perfectly sunny day and then BAM! lightening, darkness, thunder…

the biggest danger i think is flash floods because arizona is built to sustain large quantities of water

i think im moody like a monsoon season

emotions get bottled up and then a storm rolls in

and i cry cry cry

but i feel great today

not because circumstances changed but because ive changed

everyday i grow i love that about myself

my sensi always reminds me to bring it back to my goals for the year how other things fit into the mixture can be where complications begin, and my dear friend Grace is right I can be a bit rigid at times because i know who i am and i know what i want. i dont think that kind of dedication is bad but it can make life difficult.

everything will get sorted out, the world we keep spinning, and ill keep jamming.

really grateful for the majority of the people who are in my life, no matter how great or small the amount of time i share with them is

also greatful for the band rebelution. i would love to see them at mountain jam june 6. its only in a few weeks though and i feel as if it would be nearly impossible to get the time off. and i have no one to go with

and no way to get there


Babase style

I wrote the following before being laid off for my position at MetLife last year. It turned out to be a pretty great speech which the snotty women I was working with let me read maybe a handful of sentences of. Ironically that included me leaving out the part about how “remarkable” i thought they were. Regardless, it serves as an eternal reminder to be proud of myself. I’ve walked many paths and tried many things. Not everything has worked out, in fact most things haven’t but that’s ok. Everything that doesn’t work out brings me closer to the right thing. In the meantime, whenever I feel down I have my own words to re-inspire me. I remind myself that I truly am an exceptional person. 

Hello! Welcome to Professional Development. I am honored I get the chance to speak this morning and I wanted to start off by giving the most sincere thanks to the ladies of the WBN for giving me the opportunity to share my story. Tomorrow is my last day with MetLife and I wanted to say thank you to everyone for making this office such a positive environment. Its truly been an amazing experience working here.

Ok, so I know what some of you might be thinking, “What makes her qualified to be up on that panel this morning?”

And you’re right. I am not qualified to be up here in the presence of these remarkable women. I haven’t earned my bachelors degree and I don’t balance work-parenting-personal life. In fact, I’m about to be laid off from my entry level position and I took two busses and walked 30 mins to deliver this speech.

I came here today to tell you that you’re looking at the future of leadership right here.

But what makes me a leader?

Well, I’m from Scottsdale, AZ and I can say I have lived a sheltered and privileged life. Although I grew up in a very nice neighborhood, we were not wealthy.I was raised by my mother, a multiple sclerosis survivor and a graduate of Rutgers and Tufts University with a masters degree in Spanish and Psychology, and my grandfather who was a retired WWII vet and an engineer that worked for Honeywell and Nasa.

I say that to say this: At age 20, a year after my grandfather was diagnosed with cancer and put into a nursing home, my father whom I’d had never met at the time reconciled with my mother and moved with us. Suffice to say, we did not get along and on my 21 birthday I was kicked out of my parents house at 3 in the morning in the middle of winter with nothing but the clothes on my back.

Three weeks later I found myself in Schenectady, NY with $60, 2 bags of luggage, and my guitar. I slept on strangers couches and floors, until I got a job, an

apartment, and a bed. My first summer out here I walked miles to and from work, uphill both ways, at all times of the day and night. Come my first winter I marched through snow in cowboy boots and leggings because it was all I had. I’ll never the forget the feeling of sitting at work cold and wet all day, dreading the adventure home.

In the past 5 years I moved 9-10 times for various reasons. It’s taken me this long to truly master stability. Up until this year I worked mostly temp jobs through staffing agencies. Scraping together change for the bus used to be a frequent occurrence as was going to work hungry and going to bed cold. Not to mention almost being run over walking down access ramps to freeways and roads with sidewalks- the Capital Region is not pedestrian friendly.

And yet despite setbacks I can honestly stand before you and say that I’ve conquered everything I have set out to do. At 25 years of age I have traveled not only the United States, but the world. I’ve been a journalist, an editor, a photographer, a videographer, and a graphic designer. I’ve interviewed renowned musicians, NYS Assemblyman, the head of the prominent teachers union (UPP) and worked side by side with a U.S. House of Representative. Next month I get to host my own radio show at 97.7 WEXT. I am an award winning poet, a freelance writer, and an alumni of the exclusive International Baccalaureate program. I am trained in martial arts and modern dance.

However, none of those achievements are what make me a leader.

I am a leader because I am.

I have no fear. I stare into the face of adversity and say “Do you worst and I shall do mine.”

I am not afraid to quit- to walk away from a job, a situation, or a relationship that no longer serves me and my objective which to thrive and live that leaves me fulfilled and gives me a sense of purpose.

I am a leader because I take risks, I push myself to the breaking point and I always

come out stronger.

I lead by being a force that cannot be stopped. I get what I want through determination, patience, and hardwork. My best friend and I have saying, “Lead follow or get out of my way.”

I would like to leave you with a quote from my favorite author Henry David Thoreau in hopes that you will be inspired to never give up following your dreams because you too have the power to do anything that you can imagine

“If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours. . . . In proportion as he simplifies his life, the laws of the universe will appear less complex, and solitude will not be solitude, nor poverty poverty, nor weakness weakness.”

first sunday OFF in i can’t remember how long

and it was niiiice 🙂

woke up in the early afternoon and caught the 370 to hannaford

im not hating the CDTA sooo much now that its not cold.

I think it’s just the cold I hate really and not public transit

I bought a bunch of fruit in my latest effort to eat better and eat out less. A couple of friends invited me to stay for dinner last night and it was the first home cooked meal I had in mad long (im not counting mac and cheese).  I told my friend Lisa that I had been eating a lot of mall food (ew) doing the best that i could with grilled chicken, veggies, and fried rice at the Chinese place but its getting played out. so i bought some lunch meat, bread, cheese, and smart cheddar popcorn that i keep at work. i’m hoping that will pretty much hold me over until next payday. i’ll probably either get some chocolate or make brownies and maybe some morning protein type shake and ill be all set.  today i got bananas, oranges, blue berries, some veggie juice, carrots and an avocado for my face. im going to make an avocado face mask either with honey or bananas 😀

feeling really great lately.

not sure if im going to do that miss ny thing. im just not sure if i have enough passion to sustain all the effort it is going to require. i have a couple more days to think about it before the first installment is due. it would super cool of course but im just not sure if the whole pagent thing is me. i much rather model like i did this weekend for the store Avenue in Rotterdam Sq. Mall. It was fun!!

Made some sexy online purchases today. Super excited 😀 😀 😀

Decided that I am definitely going to Russel Sage in the fall, so long as I decide to stick around this area, might as well. I really like how its a woman school and I LOVE their motto “Women of Influence”

Also bought a sexy new pair of jeans on Saturday. Another guy tried talking to me on the way home and I told him I “had a boyfriend” this is a lie but I feel like in a way its sort of true. I know that in the future their will be a man in my life. He asked if I beat him up (bc i told him i practice MMA) and I said no bc he’s a fighter too. I know certainly that my next man will have to be a fighter bc i can’t be able to beat up my guy that’s just no bueno. I keep getting this emails from East Valley Krav Maga in Tempe, AZ and I’m wondering how cute this Keegan is in real life. Looking forward to going home 😉 The only thing is at EVKM they only do Krav and I love muay thai too!!!

choices choices 😛

Story ideas #3

Alycia meets Eric Benner while on on mission at a bar. Eric is late twenties, with shaggy blonde hair, pale blue eyes, gauges, and nice full lips. Alycia was clearly pressed for time but can’t resist a blonde with a pretty smile. The two share a brief but intimate conversation at the end of which Eric gives her his card with a California address and says when she’s ready to leave this life behind, call him.

Story ending idea #1:
Alycia tells everyone that she is meeting an old friend in hawaii but ends up in California with Eric.

Other possible names for Eric: Preston, Jacob, Jordan Cohen

Before the last battle of the book Alycia packs all her weapons she can carry while a concerned Peggy Sweeney watches. She says something in reference to the quantity of weapons and comments that she believes this is a suicide mission. Alycia’s response is Que Sera Sera.  At the end of the assault Alycia is captured and held at gun point by the Bo$$ enemy, Leslie Jones, and asked if she had any last words..

Possible last words:

Que sera sera
Vini vini vici
May god have mercy on my soul in latin

A shot rings out and alycia closes her eyes then opens them only to realize that the guy is dead. Looking forward she sees Peggy in the distance with a sniper rifle. There the whole time. They exchange smiles at a distance. When the two part, Peggy advises she plans to tour Asia for a while.