the feels

today was an interesting day at the dojjjjjj

it started yesterday actually with non stop pouring rain that lasted through the night and into this morning. it was extremely difficult getting out of bed this am but i managed ( mostly bc i love my morning gym routine)

i feeling kind of bummed walking to the bus stop in the rain, extreme weather kind of bums me out. a very nice woman whose name i didnt even catch pulled aside me today and offered me a ride. which was fantastic bc the bus i was waiting for probably never came and she saved me at least 20-30 mins being soaking wet. she offered to drop me off at central ave at the 905 bus shelter. it was the one off Quail, near the bars K ❤ plays at. She was really nice so I invited her to the gym. Always good to know self defense. No one else made it to class this morning so I got a private jam session, which was fun.

there’s more, but i’m having a hard time putting it all into words. and my time at the library is running out. i broke my laptop screen and no internet at mi casa for the moment so, my time is limited.

today i am applying for a social media coordinator at PBS 😀

and my friend is amping up my Modern Scribe website

so yeah pretty much God is Great

also saw a mutual friend of my ex today on the bus… it was great to see him. Found out Ex has a new chica named Ashley and he seems happy.

I’m happy for him.


Bring me that horizon

Back to the life it feels like I fought so hard for. It’s been a couple days over two months since I was at the gym.  Feels like years ago…  Since I was here last I moved yet again, to Albany this time,  and I started a new job, and I made an unexpected trip home because my mother died.  Sometimes I’d like to trade shoes with someone else and know if everyone has so much… IDK, craziness? Maybe it’s a phase. The past two years have been insane but I can’t help but feel as if I have turned a corner. I no longer care so much about what’s next as I do about just getting things back in order. So now I carry on. Good things are happening, I continue my internship starting tomorrow and my Bible study the week after that.  I’ve been super blessed lately in that I’ve come to know just how many people out there truly Love the fuck outta me. I used to care about fame, modeling, and so much more superficial stuff and maybe I will again but for now I really just want to find that person that sets my heart on fire. And I’m done looking for him on Craigslist, I think, and maybe done looking all together but I do think that I need to be more adventurous and whatnot so I’ll keep praying and we will see who God brings my way. Regardless my main goal is the same: to finish losing this weight and then…

IDK but I inherited a bunch of foreign currency. Over $1500 francs…  So it might be time I start working on getting my passport.


PS… I probably not done looking for him on Craigslist

Muhahahaha ;)😎😘