Make me

Holla ❤

Fresh of defeat 2x and fired from my latest job (for not being a ‘team player’) , this year has been eventful to say the least. We haven’t officially crossed the 6 month mark yet and I’ve already been to NYC 5-6 times, Westchester, Miami, and Oceancity, Maryland.

I became an official ‘pageant girl’ after competing in the Miss New York USA competition ( the regional level of Miss USA) and then went on to represent Albany in the Miss Tourism New York pageant. More than a few of my peers have looked at me sideways and I will admit I have mixed feelings about the whole pageant thing. First I feel it’s incredibly one sided- not a lot of body diversity and a huge focus on superficial beauty. My experience with the Miss Tourism organization was not only bad, it may have been one of the worst and most expensive experiences in my lifetime. I came home ready for the ring.

I’ve been anxious though for a while. It’s a weird feeling. I’ve now been training MMA for 2 years. I take Muay Thai, Krav Maga, and Jiu Jitsu. I find myself feeling restless, almost like I’m looking for a fight. And lately I kind of am…

My sex store job while entertaining at times started to become draining when workplace drama started to spin out of control. I never stopped looking for another job and I finally found one with Lucky Strike Social, a brand new bar/restaurant/venue/arcade. I was hired and I trained for about 3 weeks until management sent me home twice 1 hr into my shift and a week later I was fired for leaving early as it shows poor teamwork. I was livid, having just quit my other job with encouragement from management. Now I’m fighting to be fairly compensated for my time… just another company with questionable integrity who sees their employees as expendable.

And because God has a sense of humor, I got the text at the same time as I received a phone call from my staffing agency regarding a promising interview I had for a well paying state job. I was sure I had it in the bag, turns out I didn’t have shit. From two jobs to nothing. Heartbroken and upset, I changed into my bikini and headed straight for the beach in Grafton, New York. I ended up spending the following 3 days there just laying in the sand and soaking up the sun.

Having lost both my parents within the last two years ( my mom and my Grandfather) amongst other things, I’ve been emotionally unstable. My weight-loss journey as you may know has been incredible and I’ve achieved amazing results but at great cost.


Back again

So I lied about posting more regularly and i don’t have the time to fill you in now because i’m wrapping up at my adult novelty store job and getting ready to hit the road for NYC where I’ll be in an extra in a fight scene.

But I’m back!!! And just know there’s more to come and no shortage crazy.