I’m back to blogging after a long and decisive break. If I picked up where I left off with my entry, then my life’s completely changed in almost every way. God has answered several of my prayers and I’m constantly reminded how trees bear fruit in their season (Psalms 1:3).

I returned to school this fall to finish my bachelor’s degree. I changed my major to Philosophy and I’m really happy with my choice. I almost ran away to Seattle, Washington where I had been accepted to art school but convenience and affordability won out. Surprisingly, I do not think my degree there would have benefited me as much as the current path I’m traveling: it would have prepared me for a job, but right now I feel like I’m preparing for life.

Part of that for me is evaluating where I’ve been and where I’m going, and looking at it in context of where its lead me, how I’ve let it change me, and what my goals are. Although I am constantly growing I still find myself the same in so many ways. When I look at my dreams in the broader sense I want comfort, security, flexibility, and love. If I look more closely those ideas become family, ability to travel, home, sustainable income. And the desire to set the world on fire.

Today I decided to re-publish all my previous entries because I’ve decided that I’m not ashamed of my past experiences. I lived a messy and fabulous life: I’ve taken risks, I’ve made mistakes, I’ve loved and I’ve lost. Every circumstance has served a purpose in my life even as I still struggle to see the bigger picture. I started this blog like the story of my life, an American gypsy, a woman trying to carve out her place in this world, and without the contrast of my struggles and failures, I believe my successes won’t shine as bright.

And there has been success and there will be more to come.

For now, my focus is on pulling all the separate strands of my life tightly together so I can move forward in one direction with a precision that I was lacking previously because something can only be learned in time.