Another door opens

Went to church this morning and left feeling very inspired. We studied Genesis, the story of Joseph. Joseph was the chosen son of Abraham and he was the envy of his brothers. To add insult to injury he was kind of an asshole about his position and he teased his brothers. As a result of his taunting and their jealousy they conspired against him: selling him to slave owners. However God remained by Joseph’s side and made him prosperous first as a slave (his owner loved him and put him in charge of his household), then as a prisoner (although he was wrongfully accused and committed, he became the favorite of the warden who again put him in charge) and then by the Pharaoh himself who eventually  made second in command. Through Joseph’s time of imprisonment and enslavement, God kept his promise to bless him. My pastor made a great point that perhaps the greatest treasure Joseph received was that of a humble heart.

Im guilty of being vain, self centered, and boastful and I repent for being that way. I’m excited to see how God will use me and I’m ready.

Looking forward to the week ahead. My mma classes are postponed indefinitely for me, in the meantime I will be volunteering at the church, studying Solomon’s Song of Songs with my pastor and maybe taking up a community, yoga class.

I definitely felt the spirit of God in church today and eager to feel it again.