I wrote the following this past Monday after the start of my recent internship for The sanctuary but I posted it to the wrong blog:

screenshot-thesageprincess.wordpress.com 2015-07-31 11-36-36

I have been kind of cryptic lately as to all the upcoming changes, let’s just say by September 2nd, my whole is going to be completely different. It’s so excited and a little nerve racking but I have all my faith in God. There are a few things in the works right now, I don’t want to jinx myself by sharing right now but I will say that expect to see more and more published works from me! And not just writings either, recordings too.

I super miss working at my dojjj. I’m praying that God is with me as I try to work out my schedule ( because I am hoping to take Krav and Muay Thai again, plus work full time, and go to school, and volunteer at the Sanctuary as much as possible). I really want to do school this fall and I’m thinking I’m going back to Human Services if they’ll have me. I did really well while I was in that degree program and I actually really liked it but was initial put off by the idea of social work. However, I realize now that there are so so sooo many directions to go in with an associates in Human Services including an option in pastoral work should I decide to become ordained someday. And i’m thinking about it. But I’m not sure if I really want to be a pastor as much as I really want to be a missionary and travel and spread the Good News.

I finally find my mission, my direction, my purpose although I don’t quite feel ‘on fire’ yet I keep praying and studying and I know it’ll happen soon.

Today I am back at the Sanctuary taking pictures and blogging. And Saturday I will be checking out Terra Nova Church in downtown Troy. I’ve been there before but I didn’t really love it ( it felt kind of cold). But I’ve been listening a lot to their sermons online and one of their pastors is very gifted. So I’m am giving it another shot! Looking forward to it.

I haven’t given up on the Miss NY thing so hopefully God will bless me with some sponsorship.